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12 Days of Coffee
12 Days of Coffee
12 Days of Coffee
12 Days of Coffee

12 Days of Coffee

Doing things a little different this year, but we couldn't not celebrate the holiday season with our closest roaster pals!  

Prototype, Modus, Agro and House of Funk will join us again this year, but we added a few new friends from Smoking Gun, Kits Coffee and General Strike into the mix. 

12 jars holding 40g of whole bean coffee, enough for 2 pour overs, 1 chemex or french press.  A little extra holiday cheer!

Yes, these are filter coffees, but brew how you brew - you're the boss! 

This box is not just the best gift for your sober friends but the ultimate Christmas party hangover cure.

Looking forward to sharing a joyful and caffeinated December with you all!

THIS IS PRE-ORDER ONLY!  Will be ready for pickup or delivered by Nov 25. 



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