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Habitat started under the glow of neon lights at Kelly’s dive bar in Portland, Oregon. Two best buds shooting the shit about the coffee we’d been drinking earlier that day…coffee that blew our minds. The idea that coffee doesn’t need cream or sugar, (if that’s what floats your boat, by all means) but coffee can and should be enjoyed black. We woke up a little foggy, but it was crystal clear what we had to do. We realized if we were craving a certain flavour, then it was up to us to put the work in and deliver it to ourselves and to our coffee cohorts back home.

Habitat Coffee Co is alive today because we have experienced what coffee can be, in cities like Portland, Copenhagen, New York, Amsterdam and Berlin. It took us traveling to the nooks and crannies of these cities and drinking really good coffee to light a fire under our ass and do coffee in Vancouver our way. It wasn't until we started roasting that we realized there were some great local roasters.

Community is king - we don't drink our own coffee every day. There are too many local roasters doing amazing things to not go out and explore what else Vancouver has to offer.  We want to celebrate and work with them to create a coffee community that supports local business and grows as one. 

Habitat Coffee Co. is in constant pursuit of putting a dope cup of coffee in your hands in a way that doesn’t destroy our planet in the process.  We strive to be a socially conscious business that invests in people and seeks out collaboration, both local and international.  It’s not news anymore.  The planet needs our help and we won't sit by and watch it turn to shit.  Caring about our planet is a must and being green is the only way forward.  We want to do our best to make sure our little rug rats have the chance to drink scrumptious coffee too. 

You don’t have to choose between taste, price, and ethics. Putting a quality product forward that is accessible to everyone is our goal.  We are committed to working with micro-lot farms and coffee co-ops. We seek to be a responsible business that actively supports local and community-based organizations both within and beyond the coffee and apparel industry. 

When it comes to our neighbourhood, Habitat Coffee Co. encourages a space where everyone is welcome, strangers and friends alike. We want to make coffee approachable, create a memorable experience and build community all while keeping as many trees in the ground and cups out of the dump as possible. Because ain't nothing cooler than compassion and kindness.  

It’s been a bumpy road and we’ve had our fair share of shit coffee but through challenge comes growth and it’s all part of the adventure. We want it all, the good and the bad - it’s what has gotten us to where we are today. Habitat is two side-hustling gents putting their middle fingers up to the status quo of what coffee is and putting our hearts and souls into what it can be, because fuck it, right? Life’s Too Short for Shit Coffee.